"I didn't wanna write another leather jacket love song"

HOW TO: three ways to style a leather blazer.
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1. Día coqueto.
Una musculosa suelta (color a elección, pero simple!) - Monki (agregado a mi lista de favoritos!)
Pantalones con estampa floral tiro alto (o cualquier estampa divertida!) - Leonard Fuchsia.
Plataformas con tachas (o cualquier plataforma, le da un look más rockero) - River Island.
Bolso transparente (mis favoritos!) - Chanel.

1. Flirty Daytime.
A loose tank top (colour chosen is a choice, but stay simple!) - Monki (which is a new favourite!)
High waisted floral loose pants (or any fun pattern!) - Leonard Fuchsia.
Studded platform shoes (or any chunky kind of shoes, for it gives and edgier look) - River Island.
A transparent bag (personal favourite) - Chanel.

2. Fin de semana casual.
Musculosa suelta (si, otra!) - Anzevino and Florence.
Shorts de jean tiro alto (y algún cinturón simplon) - Stylenanda.
Morral chiquito y femenino - Chloe.
Botinetas bajas y casueales - H&M

2. Casual Weekend.
A(nother) loose tank top - Anzevino and Florence.
Cut-off denim shorts (+ simple belt) - Stylenanda.
Small and feminine shoulder bag (leather!) - Chloe.
Casual ankle booties (keep it simple!) - H&M.

3. Noche.
Camisa elegante (estampada o simple) - She Inside.
Pollera suelta (camisa adentro! si la camisa es estampada, la pollera debería ser simple) - Monki.
Bucaneras (o can-can) -Madewell.
Plataformas (perdon por la obsesión!) - Ego and Greed.

3. Evening Out.
Fancy blouse (can be patterned or plain) - She Inside.
A flowy skirt (blouse tucked in! - if blouse is patterned, keep the skirt simple) - Monki.
Knee high socks (or pantyhose) - Madewell.
Leather tote - 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Chunky platforms (excuse my obsession!) - Ego and Greed.

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