Every day is a free make up day

Ah, my first exam is officially over! You have no idea how relieved I feel. It was as if I had been carrying dead weight all along. And if you ask me, I think I did pretty damn well in the exam. I hope. Tomorrow is Boyfriend's birthday and this is what I plan on wearing tonight for dinner/movies whatever we end up doing. Pretty simple and relaxed. I have a few fun things coming up to show you but I'm still working on it and trying to see how it goes before I start spreading it around. What have you been up to these days?

Also, if you know english (if you are reading this you obviously do) check this out: 1 & 2, I found both pretty interesting. Let me know what you think!

Ay, mi primer parcial está terminado! No tienen una idea de lo alivida que estoy, es como si hubiese estado cargando peso muerto todo el tiempo. Si me preguntan, creo que hice un buen trabajo. Espero. Mañana es el cumpleaños de Novio y esto es lo que me voy a poner a la noche para ir a comer/ver pelis o lo que pinte. Bastante tranqui y simplón. Tengo un par de cositas divertidas para mostrarles pero todavía estoy trabajando en eso e intentando ver como resulta antes de desparramarlo por doquier. Qué estuvieron haciendo estos días?

También, si saben inglés, pueden ver esto: 1 2, que me pareció bastante interesante. Cuéntenme que opinan!
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The Blogosphere

I enjoy complaining. It's almost therapeutic. It frees me. Most of teenagers do, right? Since I was a little girl, my elders always said I was like a grandmother who complains about everything and hell were they right. On this post, I'd like to complain about the blogosphere. Read ahead for more teenage complaining!

Disfruto quejándome. Es casi terapeutico. Me libera. A todos los adolescentes les gusta, no? Desde que soy chiquita que los mayores dicen que soy una vieja resongona y tienen razón. En este post, me voy a quejar de la blogosfera (esa palara existe?!). Hagan click en Read More para leer un poquito más!
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"I'd follow you across the Universe"

I truly do have to apologise about being so inactive these days. I will try getting to post twice a week for now on, or at least until I get used to my uni schedule. I got the harder subjects this quarter so, hopefully, the following quarter won't be half as bad and will give me a tiny bit more freedom. It's just that, sometimes, I do not know what to post. If I post anything personal, I get no response but I don't want to post all fashion all the time either. I want to expand this blog, make it artsy and make it a place in which we can all enjoy music, art, fashion, literature, photography and other thingies. It's just a bit harder when there is no response, but we'll work on it. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy these pictures I picked up.

Realmente pido disculpas por toda esta inactividad. Voy a intentar postear dos veces por semana de ahora en más, o al menos hasta acostumbrarme a mis horarios. Tengo materias más complicadas este cuatrimestre asi que, creo, que el próximo va a ser un poco más liviano y me va a dar más libertad. A veces es muy difícil saber que postear. Si posteo algo personal, no obtengo mucha respuesta por parte de los readers pero tampoco quiero postear sobre moda todo el tiempo. Quiero expandir este blog, hacerlo más artístico y hacerlo un lugr en el cual todos podeamos disfrutar de música, arte, moda, literatura, fotografía y otras cosas bellas. Solo creo que es difícil cuando no se obtiene respuesta, pero supongo que lo trabajaremos. Espero que todos tengan un fin de semana lindísimo y disfruten de las fotitos que elegí. 
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Saint Laurent Fall 2014, Paris Fashion Week

In case you didn't know, which is highly likely, I've been taking a journalism course since March and my last homework was reviewing an international fashion show of this past fall fashion week. I went with Paris Fashion Week, Saint Laurent to be exact. To read more, click ahead! I hope you enjoy it! Constructive criticism will be gladly taken!

En caso de que no supieran, lo cual es muy probable, empecé un curso de periodismo en Marzo y mi última tarea fue hacer una review de un desfile internacional de estos últimos fashion weeks otoñales. Elegí Paris Fashion Week, Saint Laurent para ser exacta. Para leer más, hagan click! Ojalá les guste. Criticismo constructivo es super apreciado!

Lollapalooza 2014


Hi Humans! I am back with a new post, finally. I know. I've been awful these days but, then again, so many things have been going on. Anyway, on Tuesday and Wednesday I attended Lollapalooza after waiting for six months. It was insanely good. All the shows were on time, maybe with five to ten minutes of delay, but that was it. I just loved the experience. I wish I had the chance to enjoy it with friends and not by my own, but you know, better alone than in bad company (oh yeah, I did just translate a spanish phrase into english). What I didn't like all that much was that the second day was loaded with people - Red Hot Chili Pepper and Soundgarden fans, mostly. I suppose there were also Pixies fans here and there. Lots of them went early and took up the front rows by the respective stages and made it impossible for so much of us to enjoy other shows. I think Fénix (the company that organised Lollapalooza here) should have given the bands other playing dates in bigger stadiums. I remember that, while at Ellie Goulding's show (I only know three of her songs to be honest, but I thought she would be a really cool artist to photograph), the RHCP fans were all standing there, bored out of their minds and she had to tell them "hey, I know you are waiting for another band to come on up but you might as well enjoy the show while you are at it". And man, was she right. It's a bummer for the artists and the fans. I heard the same happened in Vampire Weekend but with the Soundgarden fans. I got to third row, I believe, and couldn't move anywhere without being stared at. I just wanted to dance, have a good time and shoot some pictures of them but couldn't because of these people - so I walked out and placed myself further behind to be able to, at least, dance to their insanely great songs. Other than that, I don't have much to complain. When it came to the actual artists, Julian Casablancas sucked big time. Well, maybe not him but the sound. It was so hard to listen and the audio was horrid. Cage the Elephant was perfect as usual, I am not huge on their new songs but damn, it was fan. Lorde, who I thought would disappoint me, was my very favourite show of the entire festival. I really dig her music but was not expecting such a mind blowing show. Sure, she did the weird dances and the stage was only the musicians and her but I am so glad I got to see her live. She improved her vocals so much. Guys, I got chills when she came on stage and I don't evenconsider myself a "fan". Her presence was unbelievable. I don't know. She is younger than me, she has been touring the world for over a year now and has a Grammy under her arm. Please, someone tell me what I have been doing my whole life because I just don't get it. Seeing Nine Inch Nails was a pleasure. When Trent Reznor closed the show with "Hurt", I almost teared up. I didn't stay much for Arcade Fire, only until they played Reflektor since I don't know much by them, but they were pretty cool as well. I stepped by Kid Cudi's stage so I could honor my boyfriend by listen to a few of his songs live and filming them so he could see part of the show. Day two was a whole other story. It was as if the entire country had decided to gather up at the location in wich the Festival was taking place. It was ridiculous. I heard some of Pez, which I didn't like. Took pictures of Ellie Goulding and Vampire Weekend, the latter being incredibly awesome. I had heard awful things about their live shows but it seemd pretty good to me. I did feel like they could have given a little more to make it more fun, but hey, the music is the most important thing, right? And they definitely got that covered. I saw some of Pixies later that day and then went home. With the insane amount of people, it was getting hard to breathe. Maybe because I panic a little when there's so much people, maybe because I was feeling so very lonely in such a huge crowd, I don't know. I did want to see Red Hot Chili Peppers but figured my mental health is far more important than seeing a band live and dying in the process, right? Those who went, please tell me what your experience was like! I will be sure to get myself some friends the next time.

*la versión en castellano la voy a subir en un ratito, solo me quería sacar esto de encima así ya podía publicar!
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