Batiste Dry Shampoo

"Instant hair refresh for all hair types"
120g of goodness, everyone! While I was in London, I stopped by Boots and found an amazing 3x2 deal on Batiste dry shampoos. I had heard of it thanks to several youtubers who claimed to love it,  so I just went for it. As a girl with really oily roots but really dry ends, it can get very hard to maintain. You either have to choose whether to have dirty or healthy hair. I bought three different scents: Bloom (which was the first one I used up), Oriental and Tropical. The latter smells like sunscreen, but the other two are managable. In all honesty, you can't really smell them after a while.  The application is easy and quick, and it works wonders! I truly wish we had Batiste in Argentina (cough, please consider it, cough). Has anyone tried Batiste before? If not, which other brands do you recommend?

120g de genialidad, gente! Mientras estaba en Londres, me pegué una pasada por Boots y encontré una oferta excelente de 3x2 en Batiste dry shampoos (o shampoo seco). Había escuchado de la marca gracias a varias youtubers que decían amarlo asi que me mandé y los compré. Siendo una niña con raíces grasas y puntas secas, se puede tornar un tanto difícil el mantenimiento del pelo. Tenés que elegir entre tener pelo limpio o sano. Compré tres fragancias distintas: Bloom (que fue el que primero terminé), Oriental y Tropical. Este último huele a protector solar, pero los otros dos valen la pena. En realidad, después de un rato ya ni se siente el olor. La aplicación es súper fácil y rápida y, de paso, funciona de maravilla! Ojalá tuviéramos Batiste en Argentina (cof, considérenlo, cof). Alguien ya probó Batiste? Y si no, qué marcas recomiendan?


  1. I'm obsessed with dry shampoos, thanks for the recommendation! Personally, I've been loving Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo. Definitely going to try out Batiste, the scents seem so nice ~

    xx Chaereen | Inspinkle

  2. No los conocia! es una cosa que soy totalmente ajena a todo lo que es cuidado del pelo que de seguro un estilista se muere conmigo.

  3. I have oily roots too, but I've been using the Batiste dry shampoos for a year now and I can't miss them anymore. Divine smell, good texture and a pretty flask. It's my holy grail ;)


  4. I really like Batiste, it's my second fav dry shampoo! Number one would be Klorane. I've never seen those two scents before but I wish I had, the bottles are so pretty! Specially the oriental one


    1. I'm going to take note on that! Will try to find Klorane when I travel!

  5. Nice packaging !